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Gate Repair Services

Gate Repair Services

Our expert garage door company is also an experienced contractor for all gate repair services.

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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

Routine maintenance ensures your garage door will work at its best.

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Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

As aces in automatic garage door openers repair, we also promise immediate sensors service, meticulous troubleshooting and perfect garage door motor repair

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Check out these answers to people's most frequently asked questions about garage door installation, maintenance and repairs

When insulated doors are necessary?

As long as the garage is attached to the house or you spend time in the garage, insulated garage doors are necessary according to the experts of our garage door company in Lombard. Your home will be well-insulated and you'll spend less for central heating.

Why bearings are necessary for torsion springs?

Standard torsion spring garage door mechanisms have a stationary cone, which ensures the stability of the spring. The bearings make sure the stationary cone is centered to the shaft, so that the torsion spring will be centered on the shaft, too. It's all about stability!

What causes my door to keep reversing?

The most common causes of this problem according to our company's professionals are obstructions to the garage door tracks. If the door is new, the travel limits and the force may have not been adjusted properly. It is also possible for the safety sensors to have been misaligned.

What does it mean when a garage door is misaligned?

A garage door is misaligned when it does not follow its horizontal or original path when it moves. This can be caused by bent tracks or loose wheels. It’s a common problem for sliding garage doors or overhead garage doors. Fixing the problem should not be too difficult.

How often should I replace the garage door?

Unless garage doors are seriously damaged for any reason, they should last for years. If your overhead door is old and you want to invest in insulated garage doors, it's also a reason to replace it. Other than that, you can enjoy it for decades.

Do I need to get a lock for my garage door?

It would really depend on the kind of garage door you have. If you requested an electric garage door installation, then you would not need locks. But if you do not have an opener like the Chamberlain garage door opener installed, put a lock on, similar to those slide locks that can bolt your door to avoid trespassers.

Which type of bottom seal works best?

Our specialists in Lombard recommend considering the floor surface and the design of the door before you make a decision. In general, both the rubber and vinyl seals do an excellent job, but the latter tend to be more durable. When it comes to installation, a retainer is the most reliable option. It makes seal replacement easier as well.

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